Quadplex Medical Reciprocating Skidmount Systems


Our reciprocating piston systems feature self-lubricating composite piston technology which increases ring life and reduces temperature, providing reliability for years to come. The dual cooling pistons reduce operating temperatures, while the corrosion-resistant components and coatings extend ring and valve life.
How It Works: The oil-less composite piston slides up and down within a low friction, wear-resistant aluminum cylinder, compressing air on the upstroke. The discharge air is cooled via an air to air after coole, while the multi-finned compressor cylinder is cooled by a dedicated fan (2 through 15 hp) along with the fan blades on the flywheel.

  • Make: Powerex
  • Model: MPQ1508
  • Hp: 15 (4)
  • SCFM: 152.7
  • Weight (LBS):
  • Tank: 240
  • ISO 8573-1 Class: 0