UtilityAir Services Company is an active Utility trade ally in all of the Geographic markets we serve. Helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint and to maximize their energy efficiency has been core to our mission for over 40 years. Our President, Ken Byrd served on the inaugural board of the Compressed Air Challenge. A program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Compressed Air and Gas Institute as well as regional utilities and compressor manufacturers with the goal to Promote energy and operational efficiency in compressed air systems for industry through information and training, leading end users to adopt efficient practices and technologies while leveraging collaborative cooperation among key stakeholders.

Today, Air Services Company provides a broad range of energy savings activities with a degreed Engineering staff, trained Account Managers, Certified Technicians and AIRMaster+ Specialists.

Typical Energy Savings Activities Identified

  • Appropriate Compressor Sizing
  • Variable Speed Compressors
  • Air Leak Detection (with ultrasonic leak detectors)
  • Air Leak Repair
  • Pressure reduction
  • Energy Efficient Drain Valves
  • Energy Efficient Blow Guns
  • Energy Efficient Nozzles
  • Eliminating inappropriate uses
  • Heat Recovery
  • Compressor Controls

To make changes more economical the Utilities provide programs that help reduce the cost of many of these initiatives. Contact us today to learn more about opportunities to increase your organizations energy efficiency.


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