15 HP Reciprocating Presure Lubricateed Piston Type Air Compressor


The PL-Series compressor has been
designed to operate in extreme
duty applications. Because the
PL-Series can operate up to 250 psi,
and run in off-level operations, it
is a true industrial use compressor.
The PL-Series features domed
pistons, integral cylinder head,
disc valves, and an oil pump that
provides lubricant to all crucial
parts of the compressor. From its
extra heavy duty design to its ease
of maintenance, the Gardner Denver
PL-Series exemplifies reliability,
durability, and quality.

Pressure Lubrication
Crankshaft and connecting rod
bearings are pressure lubricated
for extended life.
Oil Pressure Gauge
Mounted on the front of the
compressor for an excellent view
and easy pressure monitoring.
Loadless Starting
Hydraulic unloader with factory
set pilot valve provides easy,
loadless starts and low oil pressure
protection for unattended
Lubricant Filtration
An external spin-on oil filter
and an internal oil inlet screen
protect internal components
from damaging debris.
Babbitt Bearings
Replaceable bearing makes
repairs easy and inexpensive.
Positive Displacement
Oil Pump
Provides lubricant to all critical
areas of the compressor pump
that require lubrication.

Standard Features

■■ Load-less starting (via hydraulic unloader) for lower
energy costs and less wear on drive motor
■■ASME inter-stage pressure relief valve for protection
■■ODP NEMA 1760 RPM electric motor
■■ 5 Micron industrial grade intake filter
■■ASME coded receiver
■■ 0–300 PSIG air pressure gauge on tank
■■Available voltages
––Single phase—115/208-230
––Three phase—208/230/460/575
■■Dual control

Available Options

■■Multiple tank sizes and variations
■■ Electric or engine driven
■■NEMA 4 full-voltage starter upgrade
■■ODP HE/TEFC/TEFC HE motor upgrades
■■Control panel upgrades
■■Air-Cooled Aftercooler
■■ Low oil stop control (NEMA 1 or 4)
■■ Low oil pressure switch (NEMA 1 or 4)
■■Vibration isolators
■■ Synthetic lubricant
■■High temperature switch (NEMA 1 or 4)
■■Available switches (NEMA 1 or 4)
■■Automatic tank drain

  • Make: Gardner Denver
  • Model: HPL7D-25
  • Hp: 15
  • RPM: 649 @125PSI, 570 @175 PSI, 520 @ 250PSI
  • CFM: 57.4 @125PSI, 51.2 @175 PSI,42.6 @ 250PSI
  • Weight (LBS): 1675
  • Tank: 250
  • Made In: Princeton, Illinois USA