100 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor

A Serious Legend

The engineering ingenuity of Gardner Denver began in 1859. For over 150 years, our compressed air products have been a dependable resource for meeting the world’s most demanding and ever-changing industrial needs. A legend in its own right, the Electra Saver was founded on slow-speed, 1800 rpm design principles and has been providing decades of dependability.

A Serious Technological Advancement

Even with careful planning, most systems experience varying air demand. As a result, compressors operate below their full-load rated capacity at what is most commonly referred to as “partial load.” The horsepower consumed at partial load operation can be significant. Gardner Denver recognized this fact and developed a variable displacement technology designed to match compressor output to compressed air demand.
The patented TurnValve™ was introduced over 30 years ago
to maximize compressor efficiency. The TurnValve displaced
inlet throttling technology which was the most efficient means
of compressor capacity control and eliminated wide pressure fluctuations and massive storage requirements.

Basic Operating Principle

Air is drawn in through the fully opened inlet valve. Volumes of air are encapsulated between the male and female rotors and airend housing.
The volumes are reduced through further rotation of the rotors to a fixed compression ratio and discharged out of the airend at operating pressure.

Design Features

The cylindrical TurnValve has a helix-shaped relief on its outside diameter which mates to a precisely machined bore within the body of the airend housing. The TurnValve is supported axially by oversized tapered roller bearings to permit rotation through a hydraulically operated rack and pinion arrangement.
Openings, or windows, conjoin the compression chamber of the airend with the TurnValve bore where the circumference is sealed by tight clearances and lubricant to prevent air leakage during operation.

Best of the Best

The Compressor
to Exceed Your Demands
Whether it’s the NEMA 4 control enclosure, intuitive microprocessor controller, patented TurnValve technology or quiet enclosure, the Electra Saver™ G2 is packed with high value standard and optional features that exceed your demands.
Serviceability Redefined
The Electra Saver™ G2 redefines serviceability. Available in a standard unenclosed configuration, all filters are easily accessible and no piping needs to be disconnected to service the separator.
Unsurpassed Quality Components
Featuring a high performance airend, standard stainless steel control lines, seamless tubing for lubricant circulation, and 1800 rpm
high efficiency motors, Gardner Denver thought of everything with the design of the Electra Saver™ G2.

  • Make: Gardner Denver
  • Model: Electra Saver
  • ACFM: 100/125/150
  • DBA: 81
  • Weight (LBS): 4660
  • Max PSI: 518/468/411